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As the wheel turns on this year, we have lost many. This year, as in previous years, I am posting the Litany of the Dead, as compiled by Dagonet Dewr. Feel free to pass this on as long as the attributions remain.

* * *

*Samhain Litany of the Dead*

*October 30, 2006***

*Dagonet Dewr – dagonet.dewr@ gmail.com*

* *

* As always, this is done by research and accumulating
information throughout the year. I may have – no, I'll guarantee I did –
miss people, especially in the Pagan section. For that, I apologize in

* As always, first and foremost I turn the wheel for those who
have been killed in armed conflict, famine, natural disasters, stupid
politics, or acts of cruelty. I also turn the wheel for anyone who died
alone and unmourned, so that they may have one person who wishes them well.*

* *

*The over 3000 American casualties, the Coalition casualties, and the
unknown, only guessed at Iraqi casualties – perhaps as many as half a
million people -- in the second Iraqi war. I hope someone, somewhere, has to
answer for this. If you're American and you're tired of this, get out and
vote next week.*

Gerard Oury – French film director; "Les Adventures de Rabbi Jacob".

Kurt Kreuger – German-American actor; "The Enemy Below".

Jack Warden – American actor; "Heaven Can Wait", "Being There".

June Allyson – American actress; "Little Woman", "The Stratton Story".

Barnard Hughes – American stage and television actor; "Da", "Lou Grant".

Syd Barrett – English musician; original founder of Pink Floyd.

Kasey Rogers – American television and movie actress; "Bewitched",
"Strangers On A Train".

Red Buttons – American comedic actor.

Andreas Katsulas – American actor; G'kar on "Babylon 5".

Sam Myers – American blues musician.

Mickey Spillane – American author; creator of "Mike Hammer".

Fabian Bielinsky – Argentinian film director, "Nine Queens".

Jim Baen – American SF book editor, head of Baen Books.

Aaron Spelling – American television producer; "Charlie's Angels", "Beverly Hills 90210", too many others to count.

Billy Preston – American musician, the "Fifth Beatle"; "Nothing From
Nothing", "Get Back", others.

Robert Sterling – American television actor; "Topper".

Desmond Dekker – Jamaican reggae artist; "Israelites" , "You Can Get It If
You Really Want".

Henry Bumstead – American Academy-Award- winning set designer; "The Sting",
"To Kill A Mockingbird" .

Billy Walker – American country music singer; "Charlie's Shoes".

Steve Mizerak – American billiards champion.

Cy Feuer – American theatre producer; "Guys And Dolls".

Jorge Porcel – Argentine-American television comedian.

Joyce B Brand – American commercial artist; creator of the Coppertone Girl.

Stanley Kunitz – Former American poet laureate.

Lew Anderson – American television personality; Clarabelle The Clown on "The
Howdy Doody Show".

Grant McLennan – Australian singer/songwriter.

Tele Santana – Brazilian soccer coach; former World Cup coach.

Amanda Duff Dunne – American actress; "Just Around The Corner".

Alida Valli – Italian actress; "The Third Man".

Phil Walden – American music entrepreneur; former head of Capricorn Records.

Gene Pitney – American singer; "Town Without Pitney".

Martin Gilks – British rock drummer; member of The Mighy Lemon Drops and The
Wonder Stuff.

Richard Fleischer – American film director; "The Narrow Margin", "The Boston

Nikki Sudden – British rock singer; lead singer of The Swell Maps.

Caspar Weinberger – Former American Secretary of Defense under Reagan.

Sarah Caldwell – American opera director; longtime head of the Opera Company
of Boston.

Buck Owens – American country musician and long-time co-host of "Hee Haw";
"Act Naturally", "Tiger By The Tail".

Jimmie Johnstone – Scottish footballer; longtime Celtic star.

Maureen Stapleton – American movie and stage actress; "Reds", "The Glass

John Profumo – British politician; central figure in the 1963 Profumo

Slobodan Milosevic – Yugoslavian president and war criminal.

Ivor Cutler – British poet and pop culture figure.

Gordon Parks – American photographer and film director; "The Learning Tree",

Dana Reeve – American spinal research advocate and widow of Christopher

Kirby Puckett – American baseball player; member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jack Wild – British actor; the Artful Dodger in "Oliver!".

Octavia E Butler – American science fiction author; "Parable Of The Sower".

Linda Smith – British radio comedienne; "The News Quiz".

Dennis Weaver – American television actor; "Gunsmoke", "McCloud".

Robert L Scott – American pilot and brigadier general.

Darren McGavin – American television and movie actor; Dad in "A Christmas

Don Knotts – American television actor; "The Andy Griffith Show".

Anthony Burger – American gospel musician and pianist.

William Cowsill – American musician; lead singer of The Cowsills.

Richard Bright – American character actor; "The Godfather", "The Sopranos".

Curt Gowdy – American sportscaster.

John Belluso – American playwright and disabled-persons- rights activist;
"The Body Of Bourne".

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez – Mexican-American comedic actor.

Lynden David Hall – British soul musician; "Sexy Cinderella".

Edna Lewis – American cookbook author and restaurateur – "First Lady of
Southern Cooking".

Phil Brown – American actor; Uncle Owen in "Star Wars".

Franklin Cover – American stage, television, and movie actor; Tom Willis on
"The Jeffersons".

Peter Benchley – American author; "Jaws".

Betty Friedan – American author and feminist; "The Feminist Mystique".

"Grandpa" Al Lewis – American actor; politician, and radio personality;
Grandpa on "The Munsters".

Moira Shearer – British actress; "The Red Shoes".

Nam June Paik – Korean artist; founder of video art.

Coretta Scott King – American activist and widow of Dr Martin Luther King.

Wendy Wasserstein – American playwright; "Third", "The Heidi Chronicles".

Arthur Bloom – American television news director; founder of "60 Minutes".

Fayard Nicholas – American dancer and actor.

Chris Penn – American movie actor; "Reservoir Dogs", "Mulholland Falls".

Anthony "Tony" Franciosa – American television, stage, and movie actor; "A
Hatful Of Rain".

Wilson Pickett – American soul musician; "In The Midnight Hour", "Mustang

Birgit Nilsson – Swedish opera singer.

Shelley Winters – American movie and television actress; "A Place In The
Sun", "The Poseidon Adventure".

John Sinibaldi – American cyclist and Olympian.

Irving Layton – Canadian poet and mentor of Leonard Cohen.

Heinrich Harrer – Austrian mountaineer and author; "Seven Years In Tibet".

Emmett Leith – American scientist; pioneer in holographic technology.

Owain "Oz" Wright – Welsh musician; vocalist for Rheinallt H Rowlands.

Bud Blake – American cartoonist; "Tiger".

Lou Rawls – American soul musician; "You'll Never Find Another Love Like

Richard De Angelis – American actor; Colonel Foerster on "The Wire".

Patrick Cranshaw – American character actor; Blue in "Old School".

Pat Morita – Japanese-American actor; Mr Miyagi in "Karate Kid".

Vincent Schiavelli – American actor; "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest",

John Diebold – American businessman and early computer advocate.

Gregg Hoffman – American film producer; "Saw".

Edward Masry – American activist and attorney; Erin Brockovich's lawyer.

Rodney Whitaker – British author; "The Eiger Sanction".

Eugene McCarthy – American politician and presidential candidate.

Richard Pryor – American comedian and actor; "Silver Streak", "Live On
Sunset Strip".

Eddie Guerrero – American professionl wrestler.

Sheree North – American film and television actress; "Seinfeld".

Ralph Edwards – American television producer and host; "This Is Your Life".

Mustafa Akkad – Arab-American film producer; "Halloween".

Patrick Lichfield – British fashion and royal photographer.

Skitch Henderson – American musician; first "Tonight Show" bandleader.

Chris Whitley – American singer-songwriter; "Living With The Law".

Joe Niekro – American baseball player.

Red Auerbach – American basketball coach and Basketball Hall of Fame member.

Trevor Berbick – Jamaican boxer; former heavyweight champion.

Raul Davila – American actor; "The Believers", "All My Children".

Hugh Thompson – American military pilot; stopped the My Lai massacre.

Jim Zulevic – American actor; "Matchstick Men".

Don Stewart – American television actor; Michael Bauer on "The Guiding

Brendan Cauldwell – Irish actor; "Far and Away", "Angela's Ashes".

Sherman Ferguson – American jazz drummer.

Joseph Newman – American film director; "David Copperfield" , "This Island

Jean Byron – American television actress; "The Patty Duke Show".

Cory Lidle – American baseball player.

Alan Shalleck – American author; co-writer of the "Curious George" books.

Clifton James – American rock and roll drummer.

Barry Cowsill – Bassist, The Cowsills.

Paul Carr – American television actor; Lt Kelso on "Star Trek"'s pilot.

Yevgeny Samoilov – Russian award-winning actor; "Waterloo", "Tom Sawyer".

Bruce Hart – American composer; wrote the lyrics to the "Sesame Street"

Peter Tomarken – American television personality; host of "Press Your Luck".

Oleg Cassini – American fashion designer.

Pio Leyva – Cuban musician; member of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Britt Lomond – American actor; Captain Monastario on the "Zorro!" TV series.

Lyn Nofziger – American political figure; Press Secretary under Reagan.

Stanislaw Lem – Polish science fiction author; "Solaris".

Martine Bartlett – American television and film actress; "Sybil", "Arrest
and Trial".

Gordon Terry – American fiddler; member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Gerard Reve – Dutch author; "The Fourth Man".

Proof – American rapper, member of D12.

June Pointer – American R&B singer; member of the Pointer Sisters.

Muriel Spark – Scottish author; "The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie".

Henderson Forsythe – American actor; Dr David Stewart on "As The World

John Kenneth Galbraith – American economist, author, and political figure.

Louis Ruykeser – American economist and television host.

Earl Woods – Father of professional golfer Tiger Woods.

Soraya – Columbian-American singer and Grammy award winner.

Floyd Patterson – American boxer and past heavyweight champion.

Paul Gleason – American actor; the principal on "The Breakfast Club".

Vince Welnick – American keyboard player; member of The Tubes and The
Grateful Dead.

Robert Donner – American character actor; Exidor on "Mork and Mindy", Boss
Shorty in "Cool Hand Luke".

Tim Hildebrandt – American fantasy illustrator; drew the original "Star
Wars" poster.

Lennie Weinrib – American voice actor; the voice of Scrappy-Doo.

Jan Murray – American comedian and TV personality.

Robert Cornthwaite – American actor; "The Thing", "Picket Fences".

Mako – Japanese-American actor; "The Sand Pebbles", "Pearl Harbor".

Arthur Lee – American rock musician; founder of Love.

Mike Douglas – American television personality; "The Mike Douglas Show".

Bruno Kirby – American character actor; "The Godfather II", "Crash".

Robert Hoffman – American humourist; co-founder of "The National Lampoon".

Ed Warren – American paranormal investigator.

Maynard Ferguson – American jazz trumpeter.

Glenn Ford – American actor; "Gilda", "The Blackboard Jungle".

Bob Mathias – American athlete; two-time gold medal winner in Olympic

Steve Irwin – Australian naturalist and television personality.

Pat Corley – American television actor; Pat the Bartender on "Murphy Brown".

Ann Richards – American politician; former governor of Texas.

Pablo Santos – Mexican television actor; "Greetings From Tucson."

Patricia Kennedy Lawford – Sister of John F Kennedy and wife of Peter

Tamara Dobson – American actress; "Cleopatra Jones".

Freddie Fender – American Tex-Mex/country musician; "Wasted Days and Wasted
Nights", "Before The Next Teardrop Falls".

Christopher Glenn – American newscaster; Saturday morning kids news breaks
"In The News".

Phyllis Kirk – American movie actress; "House Of Wax".

Sandy West – American rock musician; drummer and founder, The Runaways.

Jane Wyatt – American television actress; "Father Knows Best".

Geoffrey Keen – British actor; Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defense, in
six James Bond films.

John Fowles – British author; "The French Lieutenant's Woman", "The Magus".

Link Wray – American guitarist.

Nora Denney – American actress: Mrs Teevee in the original "Willy Wonka And
The Chocolate Factory".

Constance Cummings – British film actress; "The Criminal Code", "Blithe

Stan Berenstain – American author and illustrator; co-creator of the
Berenstain Bears.

Jack Colvin – American character actor; reporter Jack McGee in "The
Incredible Hulk".

William Proxmire – American politician; US Senator and crusader against
government waste.

John Spencer – American television actor; Leo McGarry on "The West Wing".

Jack Anderson – American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner.


Marione Thompson-Helland – Longtime editor of The Beltane Papers.

Ken Van Lieu – Member of the Shreveport, LA, USA Pagan community.

Leigh Anne Hussey – Thelemic, Neo-Pagan, and filker.

Susan Miller – Lady Dreaming Owl; member of the Tampa, FL, USA Pagan

Rosemary Kooiman – Witch who won the legal right for Pagans to perform
weddings in Virginia.

Jodi Monogue – Lady Galadriel; member of the Atlanta, GA, pagan community.

Jack Speck – Owner of New Age People, one of the oldest stores with Pagan
merchandise in Indianapolis, IN.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] beldar for posting this list, as well as a link to Honorary Unsubscribe, which posts additional losses which may be missing from the above litany. Thanks also to the perennial favorite Dead People Server, which, as always is a fascinating read.

For myself, I would like to specifically make mention of the following who were not (or don't seem to be) included on the Litany list:

Michael Piller - Writer & Producer; Star Wars DS9, Voyager and The Dead Zone.

Barnard Hughes - American actor; Grandpa in The Lost Boys, among many many many other roles.

John M. "Mike" Ford - Writer & Science Fiction fan.

As usual, my apologies for anyone missed.

What is remembered, lives.

Date: 2006-11-01 03:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ziggy-prime.livejournal.com
Thank you for posting this. It was recited at our vigil.

Date: 2006-11-01 03:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadowsalterego.livejournal.com
I hope I'm not intruding....but if I may, I would also like to remember my Papaw (dad's dad) and Cynthia McQuillin (one of the best filkers ever,) who both died in the last year.

What is remembered, lives.


Date: 2006-11-01 12:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] indyellen.livejournal.com
Not intruding at all. I *meant* to add Cynthia & in trying to remember everything else, I missed her.

And I'm very sorry to hear about your Papaw.

What is remembered, lives.

Date: 2006-11-01 04:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadowsalterego.livejournal.com
It's ok. He lived until 90 and had a very full life. Thank you : )

*hugs!* ^_^



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