Due to some smart thinking by my darling [livejournal.com profile] royalcrow, even BEFORE he became Con Chair, InConJunction was "discovered" by Indianapolis Monthly magazine. (His version of the full story is here.)

Anyway, I've linked to the scan we made of the page in the comments of his post. The magazine lists InCon as one of the Five Best Bets for at least July, if not for the summer.

You know, we might pull this thing off, after all. :)
InConJunction XXVI, July 7-9, Indianapolis, IN

Come to InConJunction, July 7-9, 2006 at the Sheraton Hotel & Suites in Indianapolis, IN. We have a HUGE featured guest list & lots of fun activities going on! With a Harry Potter theme, and family-friendly programming, you can bring the whole gang!

Click here for guests, etc. )

Preregistration is available via Paypal through the InConJunction website, and there's still time to get rooms at the convention rate, so please visit our website now!

We look forward to seeing you!

(See link in my sidebar for more details. I'll also post more details later.)
February 4, 2006

To The Members of the Circle of Janus:

A lot has happened over the month I have been vice president. Much of it has been "behind the scenes", but still very busy & very thought-provoking.

I could go into these issues, and explain why I resigned as head of Operations for the 2006 convention (which is neither politically motivated nor the result of any personal "vendetta"), my concerns with the health and welfare of the club, and feelings about the direction the club needs to go in. I have lots of opinions about these issues, but if you’d like to know those opinions you’ll need to contact me privately.

Were the situation different, I might have been able to just "bring snacks" and deal with day-to-day issues, but there is far more at stake this year. Given the stresses caused by the situation the club is in, I underestimated my capabilities when I accepted the nomination for vice president, ran, and won.

The core fact of the matter is that I find that I am not capable of keeping issues within the club from interfering in my life outside the club. When it comes to a choice between Real Life and club business, and club business interfering in the health and welfare of my Real Life…Real Life has to win.

This has been a devastatingly hard decision for me to make. I’ve second, third, fourth and fifth-guessed whether or not I should do so. I am not a quitter; I’ve stuck it out through many situations in my life that people have told me it weren’t worth it...and had positive results.

However, effective the end of this meeting, I am resigning as vice president of the Circle of Janus.

I would like to thank all of those who voted for me – for their confidence in me and their support. I am terribly sorry if you feel that confidence or support was misplaced. I had no intention of misrepresenting myself or my capabilities.

Again, thank you all for your understanding and support.

Ellen S.



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