Any of my readers who know what a football fan/junkie I am must have wondered at the lack of football posts in the postseason. Well, I was nervous about jinxing anything. One of my other "dirty little secrets" is that I'm *very* superstitious. See, there were a couple of games we lost when I didn't wear my Colts jersey on game day, and I was worried. The next time I wore it, we won again, so fate had spoken. Even if I didn't end up wearing it all day, I *always* wore it during the game from then on. It didn't guarantee we won, but it made me feel better.

I'll admit, part of the lack of posting had to do with Real Life {tm} getting in the way; that silly feast took over a good chunk of my life - I'm just glad there wasn't a game last weekend, or I NEVER would've gotten any rest on Sunday. ;)

So, this Monday morning, cold & chilly in weather, I have only one comment to make:


Wow, it feels good to say that! And they deserve it, too. They worked hard, they fought hard, it was a good, tough game...


(Now I can take down my Colts holiday wreath - although Tony says I can leave it up a week in celebration.) :D


Jan. 7th, 2007 09:47 am
A most wondermous thing occurred Friday & yesterday; [ profile] royalcrow won tickets Friday to the playoff game yesterday against Kansas City at the RCA Dome. There was initially some question as to whether or not he would get 1 ticket or 2, but eventually he got 2 and so we both went to the game. They were arranged for him by his boss, so it would've been "noticed" if he hadn't made it.

Anyway, we ended up getting treated to lunch at St. Elmo's Steakhouse - that's another long story - and then over to the dome. The seats were *very* good; upper tier, 5th row basically at the 20 yard line behind the Colts bench.

We had some concerns early on; for example, a defense showed up who was previously unseen in many regular season games - this was good. However, Payton Manning didn't appear to show up at the game until sometime late in the 3rd quarter, despite the fact that there was someone in the #18 jersey on the field. (Tony wanted to know if the coach was going to fine him for showing up late to the game - LOL!)

However, we screamed ourselves hoarse, had a wonderful time, COLTS WON, and overall it was a grand thing. I never thought I'd ever make it to a playoff game, EVER, and so that was just...well, it was awesome.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!
Well, it's happened...someone gave me responsibility. ;)

I was elected Vice-President of Circle of Janus (COJ, our local SF/F club) on Saturday. My main responsibility is meeting munchies, but I'm also 2nd in command. That part is also interesting, because [ profile] royalcrow was elected President. :)

There's a lot going on in the club right now...mostly apathy, compounded by money problems & misinformation. There are issues about becoming/being a non-profit that have me *very* frustrated, because it's nowhere near as complicated or distressing as it has been made to appear to/by the club members. I did some research, and Tony is going to get with the new Treasurer to go over what I found. Anyway, I hope it can be resolved quickly & smoothly.

We're also having to deal with issues with the Convention...and the conchair. I'm not going to go into them in detail right now; I'll just get aggravated, and I'd like to have a *reasonably* relaxing evening.

Had other interesting things happen this weekend - most of which will be seen in friends-locked posts from me later. I will say, however, that I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the way Wild Card weekend played out in the NFL playoffs. I *really* wanted the Bengals to win, but I'm happier that we're playing Pittsburg first rather than New England. Mixed blessings...but I send lots of positive thoughts that the Bengals QB gets over his injury quickly and can come back to as good a season next year as they had this year. Oh, and don't get me started about Tony Dungy NOT being Coach of the Year. Grrrr.

That's it for now...more later.



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