I would like to wish everyone a Happy Pi Day!

My favorite pi plate looks like this:

I haven't bought one yet, though. :(

I think I might have to pick up some pie on the way home...
I saw one of the best vanity plates evah today.

I was passed (at a high rate of speed) by a somewhat-pimped black Grand Marquis.

The vanity plate read:


Bugs Bunny!
You scored 28 Aggression, 71 Sophistication, and 57 Optimism!
You have all the sophistication and charm one would expect from such a high-class hare. Very upbeat and generally laid-back, you are remarkably calm and peaceful even in the midst of the most stressful of situations. On those rare occasions that your anger is aroused, your retaliation usually results in embarrassing the aggressor and laying-bare how foolish he or she really is -- rather than doing any real harm. You likely have many friends and more than a few admirers and would make an excellent leader, if you had any interest in being one. But, being a leader would require hard work and attention to detail, both qualities you are lacking in. In fact, if you are not careful, your laid-back attitude will often lead you to drift through life completely oblivious to the changes happening around you. You also tend to have a horrible sense of direction.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 9% on Aggression
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You scored higher than 52% on Sophistication
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You scored higher than 34% on Optimism
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