You scored as Spiritualist. You are a Spiritualist. You are most at home in the subtle realms of existence, and since you can't be there all the time, you communicate with spirits regularly to keep at least one foot on higher planes. As you progress, more and more of your interaction is based on planes other than the physical, and while this can draw strange glances from those who overhear, for the most part you are able to blend in and go unnoticed. It's a shame, really, because you have depths therefore unseen by your peers.






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True Alternative




Aimless Eclectic




What Subversive Alternative Paradigm Are You?
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[Edit Note: I originally had this friends-only so people from work (if they knew how to find me) wouldn't find out about my religious proclivities from the post; however, it later occurred to me that my bio/user info mentions my leanings, so the point is moot. This post is now public.]

Found this via an email list I'm on, thought it was funny enough to share here. (It *is* slightly funnier if you're familiar with the original Charge, found here.)

Charge of the 404 Error Goddess

Listen to the words of the Missing Page. I who of old was also called among men 404, Error, Broken Link, screw up, bad page, missing file, "Damn it, where the hell did it go?" and by many other names. At mine altars the youth of various college computer departments across the world made due sacrifice.

Whenever ye shall work on a particular web site, once in the month, and better it be when the Moon is Full and while drinking beverages rich in caffeine, then shall ye gather around the computer and run a link checker to ensure that I will never trouble thee. I, who am the ruler of all neglected web sites and poorly coded home pages. There shall ye gather, ye who are fain to master the test of navigation, yet have not yet won its deepest secrets: to these I will hide as they find that which is broken and code thy site until it is whole again.

And your site shall be free from errors; and as a sign that they be really free, ye shall never, ever use animated background; and ye shall code, ftp, edit, create and write, all to stave off my curse. For mine is the sign of uncaring hands, and mine also is joy of trial and error, for my law is the error.

Keep pure your code, strive ever towards cross-platform compatibility, and let naught stop you or turn you aside. For mine is the password protected door which opens upon the secret mysteries via the .htaccess file as well as the errors of missing pages and overloaded servers, and the no DNS entry error, which is the sign of web site Armageddon.
I don't post much that is religious of any sort, but I saw this over on [ profile] netdancer's LJ & poached with permission. I like the way the author put things, I really do.

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