Being all about the viral marketing, and helping people with cancer, I hereby pimp The Lime Project, a tastefully-done cheesecake calendar (of hot Internet chicks) to raise money for a woman named Heather with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I'm giving serious personal consideration to buying a calendar myself, but I'm currently broke. :( However, I'll pimp it and encourage others to buy calendars or donate.

Check it out!
Well, today has been an interesting day on several different levels:

I slept in fairly late, even with Jessica here. It was a decent rest. When I woke up, I got an email that changed the course of a number of things - someone (who was making trouble) has removed them self from the equation. It will make life both easier & more complicated.

Jessica had a Girl Scout ice skating party today; I was getting ready to take a shower to go, and slipped & fell in the tub. Scared the HELL out of myself, Tony, & Jessica. (Tony has spent part of the afternoon putting traction things in the tub so no one will slip anymore.) I'm sore where I landed; it could be worse, I didn't hit my head or anything, but my left side (mostly) is sore in the hip, arm, and shoulder. Also my ankle. My right side is a little sore - that's the side that grabbed for the shower curtain to try to balance myself. On the plus side, the shower rod stayed up - well built.

Re: the skating - Jessica had never been skating before. She ended up doing pretty well, overall. Her first few times she wouldn't leave the wall of the rink, but her GS leader helped her, as did her troop mates, and she eventually left the wall holding on to a traffic/safety cone that the rink was letting little ones use to help them stay up. But she didn't fall much, and she was in good spirits & NOT terrified, which pleased me greatly.

Both she & Tony are currently napping. I'm sitting here partially because it's a different position & feels better, and partly to stay awake myself, although I probably *could* nap.

I think I might play a little Scrabble & chill out.
I just got home from my doctor's. I had two moles removed today (before my deductable starts over.) She put stitches in both, which I have to have someone at work take out in 10 days. The lidocaine hasn't worn off yet, but I imagine my belly & back are going to be sore when it does. Luckily, I have things to make that go away. ;)

Unfortunately, the two moles won't make up for the 10 pounds I've gained (O_o) over the holidays. *sigh* I'll have to work on that. On the plus side, my blood pressure was back in a decent range, so my increased BP meds seem to be doing what they're supposed to.

I'm not going to stay on here very long, because the lidocaine does make me feel a little fuzzy, I'm not sure why. I'm going to get comfy & watch some more of my Bab5 DVDs.

I had (somewhat of) a crisis yesterday with the two most manipulative people in my life - my mother, and Jessica's dad. I'm not going to go into it right now because I handled it (yay me!) with only mild hysterics. I write the hysterics off to fatigue & PMS. ;)

Time to go get comfy.
I have to say, I'm lucky. To my knowledge, I have not ever known someone who is *either* HIV+ or has died of AIDS. Not personally. However, living where I do in Indiana, I am *very* familiar with the story of Ryan White. I had already graduated by the time he became known, but I know the town he grew up in, and I can imagine what it was like for him trying to go to school there. I've been to his grave. He faced a lot of bigotry (and being ill) with a lot of grace.

If you haven't ever read it (or seen the movie) you should read And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic. Very well written, very scary.

Anyway, I might not know anyone personally, but that doesn't stop me from caring. Or being careful.

Support World AIDS Day
Well, I already don't shop at Wal-Mart (unless I absolutely have to) because of their business practices. I've managed just fine, thank you, except for a couple things that I've only been able to find there, in shopping at Target & Meijer instead. Now, thanks to an article that [ profile] filkertom posted, I can't shop at Target, either.

Target digs itself a deeper hole in emergency contraceptive scandal.

To summarize, Target is backing their pharmacists who refuse to dispense prescriptions for Plan B emergency contraceptive pills. They mentioned at some point that this is due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but legalistas have shown that is an invalid interpretation of the CRA.

I don't mind that the American Pharmacists Association has a policy to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions on moral grounds as long as it doesn't restrict the patient from receiving treatment. A position statement I read on the APhA website points out that this is no different than allowing doctors or nurses to refuse to participate in treatment they find morally objectionable, and I would have to agree. But too many of these pharmacists become "holier-than-thou" and use this policy to completely refuse any type of birth control. And when you're talking about emergency contraception, time is of the essence.

I don't know at what point these people decided that being free to *express* their beliefs translated over into being free to *impose* their beliefs. It's happening all over, and it's PISSING ME OFF.

Yeah, I don't like neo-nazis/white supremacists/whatever either, but I'm not going to tell them they can't believe what they want to believe. They have as much right to be stupid as anyone else. And yes, I'll fight for their right to express their beliefs, too. These moralistic hypocrites have every right to their beliefs...just like I'm free to believe in gods & godesses, or Buddha, or nothing at all as I see fit.

Anyway, I don't know where's going to be next...the next boycott, the next hypocrite, the next idiot. But it sucks, because boycotts and letters are the only way to get through to these people. :p
Well, I promised I'd post more later. I got some interesting news yesterday that's going to make my life definately more different but potentially better/healthier.

I've had eczema my whole life. When I was a kid, I was allergic to tomatoes & chocolate, which caused me to break out in a lovely rash all over my inner arms, or my thighs, or my face.

I've been taking allergy shots for almost 2 years now, and they've been helping a lot with my airborne allergies, as I am VERY allergic to mold, as well as most pollens, dust, cats/dogs, etc. But I've still been breaking out in rashes, so I decided (since my deductable has been met for the year) to get food allergy testing done.

The blood draw was last week; the results came in yesterday:

(All on a range from 0-6)

Baker's Yeast - 1
Peanuts - 1
Potatoes, white - 2
Tomatoes - 3

and the killer is...
Corn - 3

The reason this is so killer is that there is corn or a corn-derived product in damn near EVERYTHING. Corn syrup, corn syrup solids, many forms of sugar, cornstarch...the list goes on and on. (I mean that, it's 4 pages long.) Pretty much, if it's a processed food, it will probably have some form of corn in it.

Potatoes makes me unhappy - during specific times of the month, I tend to be a potato-based lifeform. Yeast is no fun; my new bread machine is now potentially a doorstop. Tomatoes I've pretty much given up anyway as they activate my GERD. Peanuts isn't that big a deal, even though I should keep an eye out for peanut oil in stuff, I don't eat a lot of peanuts anyway.

But's so damned pervasive. My doctor wants me to give up ALL corn & corn-derived products for two weeks, and see if my symptoms get better. After that, he wants me to eat some corn, & see if I have a reaction. Then I can decide from there.

I wanted to lose weight & all, but DAMN...this is going to really fuck with my life. I've been very depressed ever since I heard about it, although I try not to show it, especially since Jess is here this weekend. It's just really messed with my head.

I'm better (from the earlier post) now that I'm home - B at work basically was talking nonstop for the past 3 days & it was finally getting to me. But I survived. ;)

Anyway, I'm going to tackle this, although I'll admit I've given some serious thought to saying "fuck it, I'll live with the damn eczema" but I could also develop a worse allergy over time & start looking at anaphalactic reactions. (Oh, yeah, I'm going to have to give in & get an epi-pen, too.)

It's just a shock. I'll be fine with it eventually, but right now it sucks. < girl stuff> It doesn't help that it's *that* time. < /girl stuff>

Back to go indulge in my last meal without worrying about ingredients. We ordered Chinese. :)
Tony (aka [ profile] royalcrow) is doing pretty well; he's been able to go out a little bit although he's still tired. His incision is healing well. The doctor put it in one of his natural neck creases, so it probably won't show up hardly at all unless you're looking closely. He's been accomplishing quite a bit about getting the last of his CD's in digital format (all his DJ stuff is digital now, pretty much) so we have enough music on the computer to last 40 days straight. ;)

He's due to go back to work on Monday (10/10) and I think he'll be ready. Still no look at the pathology report or operative note; my inquisitive self hasn't managed to track them down yet although I've got my buddy in medical records keeping an eye out for them. Tony goes back to the doctor for his first follow-up visit on Friday, so I'm sure he'll get the results then - I'm just nosy.

That's it for now. More later.

We return you to your regularly scheduled chaos.

(BTW, for the photography buffs: the picture is one Tony took of himself with our digital camera on one of his last days out in the field as a cable technician before he moved to the inside job. I like it.)
Tony's ([ profile] royalcrow) surgery went well. We've been home for a couple hours; he has some drainage (due to the drain put in by the surgeon) but nothing unreasonable. He's doing well today - of course, the meds haven't completely worn off yet from the surgery so he's still feeling pretty good. ;) I imagine tomorrow will be a different story.

Apparently it was a good thing the cyst came out - it still had "stuff" in it & there was scar tissue around it. (I'm not going to go into any additional detail so I don't squick anyone.) But it was a good surgery & the doctor is having it checked out by the pathologist just to make sure.

I'm going to go & relax for a while. I've been wound pretty tight myself & can use the relaxation. ;)

Thanks for all the thoughts & energy - keep it comin' for a little while.
Tomorrow, [ profile] royalcrow (aka my sweetie, Tony) is having surgery to remove a recurrent cyst in his neck. He goes in for prep at 8 am and surgery is at 9 am. His Mom & Stepdad are coming in for the surgery, although they'll be leaving after it's over. I'm off work for two days to help take care of him.

Anyway, any thoughts, prayers, positive energy anyone would choose to send for a simple surgery and easy recovery would be welcome. I'll post here after the surgery with an update.

...not when it's on my toe.

My BROKEN toe. *sigh* I broke it last night stubbing it on our wooden rocking chair. Somehow, on my way to the bathroom downstairs, I managed to kick the chair...somehow. At first I thought it was just stubbed, you know...then it kept hurting & wasn't getting better. Then it started turning purple. (This is my left middle toe, BTW.)

Now it's a lovely shade, and I just got home from the medcheck. I started buddy taping it last night, and (bless his heart) [ profile] royalcrow fed me one of his uber-hydrocodones so I could sleep. When the doc at the medcheck unwrapped it, he took one look and said, "Yep, that's broken. We'll get an x-ray to see how bad, but we're pretty much going to treat it the way you are now [buddy taping]." I asked him for one of the cast shoes (you know, those hardsole shoes that wrap around over casts & stuff.) The x-ray showed that that I've got a teeny-tiny hairline fracture of one of the bones. He said it should heal fine & I should keep it wrapped for 2 weeks or so...take the vicodin scrip he gave me to sleep, and if something I do makes it hurt, don't do that. ;)

So, this is the first bone I've ever broken, in 36 years. Not a bad record, really, but why did it have to happen at all...and why my stupid toe???


I'm going to go eat now; I was at the medcheck for 3 hours & didn't eat anything at all before I left, so I'm feeling VASTLY peckish. ;) Then (since the Colts won) I'm probably going to watch a movie; maybe fold some laundry here in a little bit. Later.

EDIT: Here's a pic of my toe. Excuse my feet, but I thought I'd show off the *lovely* shade of purple. ;)
Picture behind here to save bandwidth )
For those who were following through my LJ, [ profile] katmandu07 was released from the hospital the same night I posted. There are more details in her post here.

Probably should keep the good thoughts coming for a while, though. Thanks everyone.
Well, I got an email this morning through the CoJ list (from [ profile] per_solo) that [ profile] katmandu07 is in the hospital with what seems to have been a minor stroke.

I spoke to her on my lunch & she's doing ok; all the symptoms are basically gone (blurred vision, slurred speech, weakness) and it looks like they're going to let her come home tonight - but she doesn't know yet.

Anyway, anyone who can spare some healing energy, thoughts or prayers - they'd be welcome.




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