Jan. 14th, 2006 06:04 pm
I'm looking for ideas. See, I'm in charge of the post-meeting activities in February for the CoJ meeting.

I was going to have someone speak who is involved with the shuttle program about the advances that have come to everyday science via the space program - but he has Air Force Reserve obligations that weekend, and can't.

So, right now, my only two ideas are a game night (which we've done several times, and I'd prefer to be more original, but it's a good fall-back plan) or a movie night - both of which would come with a pitch-in.

I will take *any* ideas anyone has...I'm at a loss. I get all flummoxed when I have a plan & it falls through, so my brain isn't being very good at coming up with anything.

Thanks in advance for any help you care to give. :)
OK, I had decided a while ago that I wanted to get my Mom a DVD player for Giftmas. I had intended all along to get her a VCR/DVD combo (so she can still play all her tapes) to replace her current VCR (which isn't bad but is getting older.) However, after reading some information in a couple of reviews/buyer guides, it was pointed out that I could probably get her just as good a DVD player separately (if not better) than with a combo unit to use *with* the VCR.

Mom is COMPLETELY technically inept. She manages to send email somehow, but she couldn't change the cables connecting the VCR to her new TV by herself. (Make no rude comments; I'm rather afraid of messing with the video electronics myself.) She can't program a remote (which, I am aware, is reasonably complicated but not overly difficult) and if she can't figure out why the remote isn't working right, she buys a new one. *sigh* I will point out, however, that she's discovered just fine. ;) (Even if using her credit card online scares her.)

Anyway, my original thought with buying the combo unit would be that it would be less confusing for her. However, as was pointed out in the above mentioned reviews/guides, if one half of the thing breaks down, then you lose *both* for the duration of repair. On the other hand, if you buy a decent enough machine, it shouldn't break down anyway.

I was then thinking about what she would do with the old VCR. She uses stuff until it dies, normally - not always a bad trait - and so I have this niggling feeling that she'd be uncomfortable giving away/selling the old VCR because it's "still usable".

So, what do people think? Should I go with a single unit to replace the older existing VCR or should I get a DVD player only & have her use both? Please help; I have to buy it this week (obviously) and I can use the input.


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