OK, Jessica (my 14 year old) wants to dress as the character "River" from Firefly/Serenity for InConJunction this year. I have one week to come up with a dress for her. However, I'm not a fan of the show, so I can only get sketchy pictures of what she looks like from Google Image.

Jess said something about a plain, dark colored dress, either long or short-sleeved, but from the pictures I've seen it seems to be slightly more involved than that.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can help her put together, for not very much money or in not a very complicated fashion?

I really want to help her out, she thoroughly enjoys the masquerade & wearing a hall costume; I was expecting her to go with a character from the anime she likes (Naruto) but she picked this instead, I believe thinking it would be easier.

TIA for any help anyone can give.

EDIT: Would a deep forest green flowy dress with short cap sleeves work? I also found a sleeveless black knit tank dress.

My friends list RAWKS!
Thirteen (thirteen? How did it get that long?) years ago today, at 1:31 am (which, as Tony pointed out, had we observed DST at the time would've been 2:31 am) my lovely daughter Jessica Lynn was born.

I've had my rough patches at being a mom, and things haven't been easy for Jessica over the past thirteen years, but she is the joy of my life and a precious, precious gift. I had expected her to be taken away from me - permanently (due to her health problems at birth) but, thank Ghods, she wasn't.

And today she's a teenager. ;) I realize that it's not going to get any easier on me from this point forward, but - if we can survive the *last* thirteen years, well, we can survive the *next* thirteen, too.

I remembered this morning that there was a song that I felt "summed up" my feelings about being a mom...even though it's not about parenthood, it seemed to capture what I felt in these lines:

So caught up in you, little girl
And I never did suspect a thing
So caught up in you, little girl
That I never want to get myself free
And baby it's true
You're the one
Who caught me baby you taught me
How good it could be

("Caught Up in You", :38 Special)

(Yes, I know it's a love song, but it's just this part of it.)

Anyway, in the interests of showing the difference in how she's grown, and potentially embarrasing her by publishing pictures of her on the internet (albeit privately):

Jessica Then and Now

Cut only to save bandwidth...cute pictures here... )

Well, the sum of it all is:

Well, today has been an interesting day on several different levels:

I slept in fairly late, even with Jessica here. It was a decent rest. When I woke up, I got an email that changed the course of a number of things - someone (who was making trouble) has removed them self from the equation. It will make life both easier & more complicated.

Jessica had a Girl Scout ice skating party today; I was getting ready to take a shower to go, and slipped & fell in the tub. Scared the HELL out of myself, Tony, & Jessica. (Tony has spent part of the afternoon putting traction things in the tub so no one will slip anymore.) I'm sore where I landed; it could be worse, I didn't hit my head or anything, but my left side (mostly) is sore in the hip, arm, and shoulder. Also my ankle. My right side is a little sore - that's the side that grabbed for the shower curtain to try to balance myself. On the plus side, the shower rod stayed up - well built.

Re: the skating - Jessica had never been skating before. She ended up doing pretty well, overall. Her first few times she wouldn't leave the wall of the rink, but her GS leader helped her, as did her troop mates, and she eventually left the wall holding on to a traffic/safety cone that the rink was letting little ones use to help them stay up. But she didn't fall much, and she was in good spirits & NOT terrified, which pleased me greatly.

Both she & Tony are currently napping. I'm sitting here partially because it's a different position & feels better, and partly to stay awake myself, although I probably *could* nap.

I think I might play a little Scrabble & chill out.
I got a phone call from Jessica tonight. It seems, when she was here this last weekend, she left her keys. This has necessitated her going to the apartment office to borrow a key to get in for the past two days. She has begged me to bring them over to her, and so I will - with the statement that she OWES me (very tongue-in-cheek). She's offering foot massages when next she comes to visit.

I realize that I should stand my ground and either A) make her keep going to the office for a key this week; or B) make her father drive her over here to get them. However, due to a change in visitation, I'm not going to see her for two weekends in a row, so she'd be without keys for three weeks, which I think is a little extreme of a lesson. I've gotten her father to agree to drive one way on visitation weekends to pick her up, so I don't feel inclined to push the issue - not to mention the fact that she'd get hell from him the whole way here and the whole way back.

So, this time, I am Super Mom to the Rescue and driving the keys across town. Next time, though, I think I'm going to make her suffer - or buy her a bigger purse. ;)



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